Cocktail Twist!
Twisted Assemblage Art - About Drinking, Politics, Religion, More

Let's Make Something Together!

Your Assemblage can have a personal touch. You can guide the assemblage of your cocktail-themed piece or other creation with various pieces, parts and finishes. Just arrange a visit to our studio to explore the options via Contact Us.


Creating bars from our pieces & parts...

As you'll see when you visit our studio, we have what we're calling a Bone Yard of pieces and parts that can form your co-created piece with us. For instance, we have a large supply of frosted glass table tops, and various types of lighting to enhance your co-creation. 

Creating bars from your stuff or new finds....

Not seeing what suits your fancy in our Bone Yard? Or, do you have dusty old furniture and pieces and parts in your garage with designs to turn then into something new? Let's discuss what we can do together, perhaps even setting out on thrifting journeys to find the perfect parts for your creation.