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About Our Assemblages

About Our  Assemblage Art

I'm Kim Garretson, the 'chief concocter' of these assemblages. I began shopping thrift stores for art and photo frames and soon discovered unusual pieces and parts that could be assembled into something new. I'm a fan of Upcycling, described as "transforming useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.”
I call my pieces assemblage art: “Assemblage is an artistic form that consists of three-dimensional elements. It is similar to collage, a two-dimensional medium. It is part of the visual arts, and it typically uses found objects, but is not limited to these materials. The Art is made by assembling disparate elements often scavenged by the artist.” Another term I use is 'Furniture Hacking', inspired by the creativity of IKEA Hackers who combine IKEA pieces and parts into new and unique types of furniture items. 
We think you will find interesting stories about how the pieces were rescued, up-cycled and concocted into their finished form. Please get in touch to visit our studio in Hopkins, MN. Kim Garretson



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